Born in 1965, Frederic NOY is an award-winning French freelance photographer represented by Cosmos agency. His photographical approach based on a documentary process, favors the chronicle as a narrative mode. His work mainly centered on Africa describes a continent in the making whose history, beliefs and traditions tirelessly rub against an irrepressible mutation.  

Successively based in Tanzania, Nigeria, Sudan, Chad and since 2012 in Uganda, his essays focus on what the news forget, on trifling and neglected stories and on the life of populations trapped in the spiral of conflict or socially excluded and stigmatized. 

His images appear regularly in international Press and are shown in main photojournalism Festivals. 

Proponent of Slow Journalism movement and interested by the issue of taboo in subsaharan societies, he conducts a long-term and personal project about sexual minorities in Great Lakes region in Africa, awarded with the Pride Photo Award, for which, in addition to his photographic work, he has produced several multimedia projects.

Concerned photographer, he documents the faith of vulnerable populations, especially in Africa by collaborating regularly with UNHCR. 

countries visited

countries visited